The Brahmin – Book Review


‘The Brahmin’ by Ravi Shankar Etteh is a brilliantly executed historical thriller. It takes us through an unusual and exciting journey through the marvelous Maurya era. As the title suggests, the protagonist ‘The Brahmin’ safeguard the Ashoka kingdom from the oppositions through his sapience.

It portrays a raw and a vivid tale of the extraordinary characters, King Ashoka, The Brahmin, the queen Asandhimitra and Hao, in all it’s natural glory. The characters, eye for detail, fine-honed dialogues gives an unadulterated glimpse into the historic period as if it’s real and happening at the moment.

This witty narration has kept me grounded till the last page and is a riveting read. Give it a try if you are in for a historical fiction that is grounded in thrilling suspense.

 ‘I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’




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