Mango People in Banana Republic – Book Review


Mango people in banana republic is a very fancy term and very intriguing as well. And the book cover certainly complements the storyline. This book is a good blend of political and spiritual satire and the doses are in the right amounts so as not to overdo. Free flowing language, spellbinding satirical work, and detailed characterizations have made me hooked to the book.

The characters of Ravi and Anand is etched exceptionally well. At times, these characters seem a little too off-the-wall but weirdly enough, we all know weirdos and freaks like this. Worse, we’re related to some of them and some of us find ourselves in their shoes.

Ravi, a top business consultant who is frustrated with today’s worldly-minded corporate suddenly decided to call it quits and takes up a precarious journey to stick to his roots. In this journey, Ravi encounters the good, bad and the ugly that all the mango people face day in day out in our country. Anand on the other hand, a former physicist leave his plush job and sets on a spiritual quest to find peace with his inner self. How they cross their paths and struggle to search their personal identity is the rest.

Vishak has described the plight of the farmers, famine, many social and political issues that the normal people suffer day in and day out, but with a dash of humor and satire – which makes this an interesting read.

 ‘I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’

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