Jukebox – Book Review



Jukebox by Writersmelon is an anthology of short stories with a different genre, different emotive that deal with love, loss, rage, mystery and what not – you get a smattering of everything. As standalone shorts, all the stories are well-rounded for the most part and each segment has a surprise peppered with interesting twists and turns to keep readers engrossed.

My favorite story is Monster by Amritorupa Kanjial. This story is about a girl who puts up with her parent’s separation and often hears her mother quoting her father a monster. When she sets her way to find the mystery behind her deceased father’s life, she was amazed to find she was as monstrous as her father and regret the time she failed to spend with her father. The story was simple and neatly written with a right amount of suspense.

‘One day in December’ by Deboshree is sure to give chilly creeps. ‘Story’ by Abhishek narrates the story of an innocent boy who demands a bedtime story about his father’s murder to gather clues to find the perpetrator. ‘The letters undefined’ by Neha is such a heart-tugging narration. I can go to talk about the cocktail of stories as it has certainly enticed me with its charm.

The collection has a wide range of genre and authors from a different background, so I feel like there’s something for everyone. Perfect stories to curl up with on a cold night, Jukebox promises to appeal to a wide range of audiences.

 ‘I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’

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