The Big Switch by John Thomas – Book Review

A fiction that talks reality and reiterates on just one point ‘hear and follow what your heart says’! At some point in time every one of us would have asked ourselves – ‘what are we doing in our life? Are we pursuing our passion? – The answer would probably be ‘NO’ for many of us’.

The protagonist of the story ‘Keith’, a 24-year-old man confused about what he wanted in life. The story revolves around how he chases his passion in spite of the hardships faced. In life, we do not know why certain things happen in our life but we can certainly connect the dots only when time converges. Similarly, Keith finds his true love in the course of the journey and ends up with a totally different career which he finds truly satiating. Keith’s tenacity, patience, and wits not only help him in achieving the bigger dream but give him the will to live his life the way he wanted. The protagonist’s state of mind is well portrayed in the book.

A light yet impactful plot with drama like twists and turns. With simple writing, it’s a decent read from a debut author.

P.S: I received the kindle copy from the author John Thomas, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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