First of all, a very good read, a very well written book with a vision of channelizing the systems towards the betterment of our country. The author has charted out the major issues that are lingering in the minds of the every Indian citizen – electoral system and leadership, population, education system, media, and religion and pose a question – where, after all, did we go wrong, with which I’m in agreement. Here are my cents about the discussed issues, agreements, and disagreements with regards to the author’s standpoint.

Electoral System and Leadership:

Democracy and Secularism are the words seen only in our constitution these days. The electoral system in its very basic needs a lot of analysis and improvement. The author’s feeling that the magnanimity of the people is deteriorating and is confined to only ‘Me and my family’ and does not cover the larger aspects is very correct, which is certainly a disturbing factor. Unfortunately, we are ruled by the politicians who does not consider the needs of the people whom they are serving – this aspect needs to completely change which can be done only by imposing stringent laws on the election system and the leadership. Bare minimum, the basic educational and criminal background verification needs to a pre-requisite for allowing candidates to stand in any election.


Population is certainly a major hindrance to the development of our country and the author suggests the benefits that should be provided for the ideal family holders as a token of encouragement but also quotes reservation as one of the factors to appreciate the ‘ideal family’ mentality which sounds bizarre – already we are striving hard to uproot the reservations prevailing in various ways and means. The population can be eradicated only by spreading the awareness rather than enforcing it through any laws or reservations. Alternatively, there can be perks announced if people opt to adopt an abandoned child rather than disenfranchising or denying basic rights for people who have more than 2 children. After all, the criminals, rapists, and corrupt politicians are let free, why should a common man be penalized?

On the other hand, the author could have refrained from using the below statement:

“Even if I had produced 10 children, I would have given those many good citizens to the country because God has given me the financial and social capability to do so. We stopped at two but on the other hand, around 10 children are being born to single parents on the roads and in slums.”

People dwell in slums, not because of their choice but because they didn’t have access to the luxuries which the author was bestowed with.

Education System:

In the likes of the author, I also envision a day when aggressive reforms are accelerated at the grass root level of the education system. Schools teach on how to write exams successfully rather than imparting life skills and human values. If we feel nowadays schools are offering high-level education, then why are there instances of murders, rape and criminal offense happening all around – In that case, what are we teaching our young generation? It’s pathetic that our younger generations are well-literate but not educated.


Media, these days gives predetermined views in favor of the government or any party, on contrary to executing their fundamental responsibility of reporting the news impartially. They have overlooked the fact that with great power comes great responsibility. Agree with the author that the media should be used as a means of effective communication and not to sensationalize any issues for the political or monetary mileage.


The concept of religion was in existence to channelize the people to work in right directions on contrary people are fighting for religion. As the author mentioned, religion is performing your duties in the righteous indignation.

At the outset, I’m happy that we have at least started questioning on the corrupt practices we’ve been following for generations. Barring a few impractical and harsh suggestions, this book is certainly good for a one time read but most importantly pondering upon the practical thoughts specified in the book and working towards making our country corrupt free should be the ideal situation.

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