The Healing Touch!



Who wouldn’t crave for a soothing massage? When the massage has good benefits as well – why not? I heard from one of the famous doctor – that regular oil massage lubricates our skin and lock the moisture – prevents dryness & wrinkles which in turn prevents blood impurities. Blood impurities has lots of side effects starting from Acne till clamping of joints. Such is the benefit of performing oil massage regularly – not only for infants but for everyone. It also boosts immune system, relieves stress, enhances sleep, and more goodness than you might think of! My Grandmother always used to utter proverbs in Tamil ‘Ennai Pillayo Vanna Pillayo – Baby who has been massaged with oil regularly will be hale and healthy’ & ‘Ennayum Thanniyum dhan Pillaya Valarkum – Oil & water will help for baby development’ – which reiterates the importance of regular oil massage.

I’m a mother of 1 year old little munchkin who is just growing adorable day by day. Whenever my daughter squalls, I pick her up and fondle her – Presto, she’ll hold all smiles within fraction of seconds. That’s the healing power of a mother’s tender touch! Just a touch can make her calm, a massage can do wonders – trust me – it does wonders! Even when she was not mobile – staying in confined spaces, she always works hard to make movements & thus massage helped her perform even more constructive works (of course demanding her mom – what else…)! And yes – the magic touch has given us an undisturbed and a quality time – which has strengthened the bond between both of us which is going to last for lifetime!

I started massaging my little one right from the 3rd day with homemade oil (coconut oil – heat the coconut oil with necessary herbs) regularly – minimum 2 times a day. I use coconut oil since its edible and it’s easily digested when she sucks her hands or fingers. We use to pick a time when she is quiet and not cranky (not after a meal – which would make her spit and certainly not when she is sleepy). It’ll minimum be a 15 minute session where I lay her on my lap (oh yes – that’s where the bond begins and she loves lying on my lap) – we look at each other in the eyes – sounds romantic?

“I asked her – Are you ready for the massage, sweetie pie, rubbing the oil on her cute little feet. For the next several minutes, I and my daughter had a grand old time!! She curled her little fragile fingers around my strong one’s, beaming up at me. We had a conversation – She did not say much but whatever she said sounded happy. I did gentle & mild moves on her legs & feet, Chest, tummy, belly button, back & her face. I started by gently rubbing her feet, rotating her thumbs in a circular motion to create a soothing effect. Now her big black eyes crinkled at the corners, a smile unfolded across her face and a little coo’s and bah’s of excitement came out of her mouth!”

My little one really enjoys those mild strokes – she feels so relaxing during the stretch out! We used to chit chat during those massage sessions – I used to ask her if she likes it and there you go – she gushes out some blah blah’s with a big grin to acknowledge the same, I sing songs and tell her stories. I thought she was too small to engross herself with those stories – wait I was so wrong – the more I talk – the more she interacts and involves with the story! A soothing massage followed by warm water bath – out of world expressions she spurts! You bet – those are lovely times together to get to know each other with all smiles. It not only comforts her but it elevates my mental spirits, makes me feel calm and relaxed as I take care of my daughter’s physical and emotional well-being. I feel, the eye-to-eye contact, skin-to-skin contact and the voice contact help establish an enduring emotional affinity.

Any day after a massage, she sleeps well – no fuss – I mean literally – which is a boon to any parents – isn’t it?! Apart from feeding time, I consider the massaging ritual as a best bonding time that I share with my little one and I feel this as an extension of the care and experience being in my womb!! Why don’t every moms try this out – the power of loving touch is universal!!

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