My No-Guilt Journey of Parenting!


Being a mother isn’t easy! I’m sure we love our baby to the highest degree, but at the same time they can be exhausting and keep us on the edge. And we as moms tend to feel guilty about many things – guilty if we feed formula, guilty if we work, guilty for not being guilty (never ending guilt list) and take ginormous pressure out of us to be that ‘ideal parent’ that everyone would want us to see. After all, our children grow looking up to our real self (for who we are and the values we etch in our lives) as a role model and not go by the definition of an ideal parent (there’s not one called ‘ideal’)! Here I have jot down 13 things that every mom should give leeway to do – and yes – without an ounce of guilt!

1.      It’s alright to wake up late

With the exhausting on-your-feet day-time and night wake-ups, moms need utmost rest. It’s always fine to wake up late & I’m sure moms can manage the rest of chores real quick – yes in a jiffy!

2.      It’s alright to take ‘me’ time and put dad on responsibility

I’m sure dad loves your kids equally as you do – so why not put dad on duty while you pursue your interests.

3.      It’s alright to spend a lot of ‘you-me’ time with your husband minus your kid

Shh… My secret to happily ever after is to spend a lot of ‘you-me’ time! Take a break & do your favorite activities – amidst the busy schedules. Bunk office and go for a movie or go for a long drive. Celebrate any significant days with lots of gifts & embrace each other. I’m sure you can drop your kids with the super lenient grandparents while you are on a ‘you-me’ mission. It’s not a sin, trust me!

 4.      It’s alright to feel fainéant and do nothing all day

Yes we have limits too! So why don’t you allow the rest of your family to manage the tots and enhance their fostering abilities?

5.      It’s alright not to take rest but play/watch your favorites when your baby’s sleeping

You certainly need that entertainment, I say!

6.      It’s alright to use TV as a babysitter while you manage the daily routines (here and there!)

Cook or Clean – plop the kids in front of TV and they won’t hinder you anymore. I’m sure we feel guilty as they look far-off and get laced up to the idiot box.

7.      It’s alright to feel the aspects of motherhood wearisome

As much as you love being with your kiddos, it can be tedious and tiring too. It’s okay to feel that way!

8.      It’s alright to be strict with your children when they are off beat

Yes, primarily when their act causes concerns to their safety, it’s alright to be strict to instill some discipline.

9.      It’s alright if you have a messy home

Is it a home or a museum – to keep it perfectly clean all the time? Home looks hunky-dory even with all the shabbiness if your kids were the reason for it! And none – except, mayhap, you – expects you to be perfect!

10.  It’s alright to nap when the baby naps

I still do it even after my baby has turned ‘1’. When my eyes are heavy with sleep – yes – I actually wait for my baby to nap & I think there’s nothing wrong with that (as long as you spend quality time with your kiddo every day!)

11.  It’s alright if you do not have time to comb up perfect or dress up so elegant

Ahhh, these days my hairstyle is called – ‘I have Kids’ – the quintessential “mum bun”.

12.  It’s alright not to cook and go for a ‘happy meal’ out (Occasionally!)

Cooking is my passion but sometimes my weariness takes precedence than my passion! It’s alright to relish some outside food sporadically!

13.  It’s alright to lose your patience and scream at your kids (Once in a while!)

This is the first and foremost guilt for every parents. Yelling is not a great thing but it’s a way for children to understand that parents screw up sometimes too! But a ‘real’ sorry aftermath would make the scene look whole lot better!

Adorable moms – prioritize what’s important and do not focus on what you miss, stop guilt, chuck perfectionism, maintainto-do lists (keep it short and sweet) and remember that all moms go through these – so stop comparing yourself, finally stay away from people who make you feel guilty!

And hey – you need not be perfect to be a great mom! Get the guilt off your back & enjoy parenting! Go Mamas!

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