The #Woman In Me Has Compromised So Much To See Happiness In Others!


We want to remain happy in our life and sometimes happiness comes when the people we love are happy. The #Woman In Me has compromised so much to see happiness in others & sometimes the grounds are just to ‘Keep the Peace’. It’s apparent that compromises are inevitable in the sustenance of any relationships. But the compromises should not go to the extent that you lose yourself on the go is the hard lesson that I have learnt through the process.

Right from my childhood I want to see everyone around me to remain happy all the time. Hence I try to bring myself into the picture, compromise myself in some situations, solve their problems, and be a mediator in most of the issues. In the process of seeing others happy, I started taking a lot of pressure. I used spend hours together thinking of ways & means to solve their issues. I’ve had many sleepless nights worrying about those. As the adage goes, ‘Don’t think too much, you’ll just create a problem that wasn’t even there in the first place’ – I only created more problems for myself. My determination in seeing others happy has never changed the way they see life. It still remained the same. The ones who were agitating, are still agitating; ones who were complaining, are still complaining. Nothing changed over the years – attitude of compromising myself for others hasn’t changed either.

Under the surface, for any compromise that we do – there is a survival fear meshing which is deeply rooted in our early years. Springing up, we do not feel to be ourselves or to express everything that we felt is right. Finally, our instincts led us to compromise & sherd ourselves for the love that we felt we needed from our kith & kin.

Have I gained something out of the compromises – Yes, I feel contented when everyone around me is happy, however, there are some class of expected compromise that I feel is ominous and abiding to it is really sinful.

Have I lost something because of those compromises – certainly yes, in the process of seeing others happy, I’ve eventually lost myself, I almost forgot to voice out my opinions and sometimes it’s self-destructing.

The healing truth, however, is beneath these afflictive circumstances. Once I felt I have underwent enough and travelled my way through the quest for serenity and was ready to bestow my own values – by saying ‘NO’ sometimes – I took a deep breath – the universe started taking care of the rest. If the compromise is made for a win-win situation – you’re most welcome, if the compromise is belittling or unacceptable, have the courage of conviction to walk out of it!

It is important to make others happy but it’s equally important to make your life self-worthy! Compromise and felicity is always concomitant and it is on us to balance them befittingly in our life. ‘After all, to be happy is our birthright!’

The #Woman In Me has now took charge of her own and ‘will never settle for anything less that she is worth of!’


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