P.S I Love You – Heart-tugging & a life-affirming debut by Ahern!


Reading the book, I literally cried after long time…a book which I would ponder upon till my lifetime…“P.S I Love You”by Cecilia Ahern!!!! Ahern has discovered a brilliant knot to the “Moving on after Death” concept…a surprisingly charming debut about grief, love, family and struggling to move on with life!

“Some people wait their whole lives to find their soul mates. But not Holly & Gerry!” This novel, by Cecelia Ahern, is about an Irish widow, Holly Kennedy, who is going through a tough time in her life. She was married to Gerry, an impetuous Irishman who loves her with every breath in his body; both of them were childhood sweethearts!!! Ahern had portrayed a symbiotic relationship between both…But when Gerry died of brain tumour, Holly feels completely lost & doesn’t want to re-embrace life, despite the efforts of her family & friends!

Then she receives a package from beyond the grave: the List. It was from Gerry. He knew his death was imminent and that his absence would be hard on his beloved Holly & wrote it before his death, leaving her a to-do list month starting from March and ending in January, there is one letter per month spanning the year after he died & every note ends with “P.S I love you.” And the way Gerry re-assures that she has to obey the list & its contents And remember, I’m looking out for you, so I will know . . .is the ultimate touch! Holly does things reluctantly & her experiences out of it, guided her through her grief, helps her to overcome her past & re-discover her future! We watch as Holly as she sings in Karoke which used to be a nightmare for her, finds an interesting Job & enjoys an adventurous holiday with her best friends Denise & Sharon arranged by lovable Gerry, becomes a God Mother for Sharon’s kid, watch Denise getting engaged & be a maid of honor in Denise’s Wedding…. and sorts through her beloved husband’s belongings… wrestles & juggles with the possibilities of a new romance…whilst still trying to stay true to Gerry. They were eternally grateful to each other!

Ahem…Holly was being a jealous, bitter and incredibly selfish & hesitant friend, when she heard about Sharon’s pregnancy & Denise’s Engagement, but Holly needed to be selfish these days in order to survive. But the touchy moments when Holly meets Sharon & Denise was sculpted beautifully, as we will relish the heart-tugging moments spent with our good old friends.

Holly is a fantastic protagonist who begins to mend through the solace provided by Gerry & Gerry, despite being dead, an intriguing personality and incredibly figured out what he could do to get his cherished Holly out of her depression and mourning and into the light of life. Accompanying Holly throughout the healing process is a cast of friends and family members who add as much to the novel’s success as Holly’s own tale of survival. Her family seems a little too bizarre at times, but weirdly enough, we all knows jerks, freaks and lovables like this. Worse, we’re related to some of them 😛

Filled in with Irish slang & perspectives, the book provides intriguing view unlike in American literature…You won’t be able to put it down and as you move on, you would find yourself smiling & weeping all mixed emotions all at once….! A wonderfully life-affirming debut…I should say!


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