Is Crying A Woman Thing? – Asks The #Woman In Me!


You love it or hate it, crying is part and parcel of the human emotions and is the main differentiating factor between human & other species – but why is it often associated with woman? Is crying a woman thing – really?!

Crying to me is something intimate, it’s a positive representation of who I am. To me, faucet of tears open out at absolutely anything – when I see soppy commercials, thinking back on any cherishing memories, looking at any emotional gestures, reading an old letter or when seeing an old picture, of course extreme happiness, tension and anger! Does that mean, I’m not strong enough? I feel, it takes some good courage to shed tears and let others know your real self! After a great bawl, I actually feel a lot better and my decisions were clear-cut!
When I was growing up, many a times I have heard people uttering the most irritating phrase – ‘Do not cry like a girl’ – I felt like punching them right on their face. Our society doesn’t encourage boys to cry, they are taught to be rough, tough and strong which has moulded them not to emote in public – ‘Big boys don’t cry’ – huh! Really? And why crying men are depicted as sympathetic, wherein a crying woman is coined as a  ‘drama queen’…? Isn’t that biased?
My quick cents – when you don’t let out your emotions, the complexity increases multitude and bursts out very worse one fine day! Do raise your boys and girls to emote – after all – Crying is a human thing – and its absolutely okay to cry!

So the #Woman In Me says – get real – the world is tough – Keep the tissues at your disposal!

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